The new generation of ultra low-flush urine-diverting recyclable eco-toilet for permanent living and recreation. A Swedish invention with 20 years of experience. Water consumption can be reduced by approximately 80-90 % compared to a low-flush toilet.

Wc-DUBBLETTENs unique design based on two well-separated shells, one at the rear for faeces (has a collar that effectively stops the reach of the front well-separated urine cup) and a another at front for urine. The two shells in combination with two independent flushing systems allow a minimum amount of water led to the urine well. You save on emptying the storage tank and transportation.

Why would You want the Wc-DUBBLETTEN?

If you are aware of Design, Economics and Environment. If you have a Septic tank, are Renovating or Building a new residence or a place for leisure. You will get an elegant modern toilet of bathroom porcelain, with flushing water, water traps and maintain high standards as to aesthetics, hygiene and technique.

What are we offering for Your household?

A financial saving by reducing drinking water and wastewater flow up to 80-90 %.

For example, a household with a traditional water closet installed versus Wc-DUBLETTEN. If the members of the household urinate 5 of six visits in the toilet, they will save around 60 liters of drinking water.


Wc-DUBLETTEN: 5x0.5dl x4 toilet visits = 1 liter per/day/household

Low-flush water closet: 5x3 liter x 4 toilet visits = 60 liters/day/household.

60 liters – 1 liter = 59 liters of drinking water can be saved per family and day

We believe that your family would love to save 59 liters of water each day? 

And your water bill is based on your waste water flow?!

Note that the savings are made in the urine bowl. The construction and principle eliminates the risk of stop in faeces bowl as part flushed hence with the amount of water needed to avoid creating problems in pipes and stops as the result.

High standards and performance

Modern design, sanitary porcelain, water traps with a new membrane, water flushing, hygienic, aesthetic. The user gets a stylish toilet, with traps, water flushing and thereby maintaining the high standard on the aesthetic, hygienic and technological level. 

The latest on floor standing model is the result of 20 years of development and experience.

Dual flush system, which are independent of each other

Flushes urine bowl with about 0.5 dl of water, faeces bowl with 4 liters.


Can be connected to the existing water sewer systems or a local system. 

An alternative to the expansion of nitrogen reduction in wastewater management.

Based on simple and robust technique

No electrical connection or pump is needed.

Economy-save about 80-90 % of the drinking water and wastewater flow.

You save water in the urine bowl, thanks to the unique idea,Based on How human body perform, and Unique Toilet Design and Construction. 

Benefits to the Environment and Society

The decreasing production of plant nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in water, thereby minimizing the risk of eutrophication - in the form of algal blooming, and oxygen depletion in our brooks, lakes and seas. It helps Recycling = Reversing the valuable nutrients to the farming soil and prevents eutrophication and algal blooming. It also helps to reduce the use of the chemicals in our environment.

Reduces use of fossil energy in the production of fertilizers and the reduction of nitrogen the water treatment plants. 

Enables achieving at least six of the 16 Swedish National Environmental Goals. Four of the goals are impossible to meet without separating the urine, which is offered by our Wc-DUBBLETT. The four environmental goals that is reached with our product are:

No 7 Minimized eutrophications.

No 8 Flourishing lakes and brooks

No 9 Ground water good quality

No 10 Balanced marine environment, flourishing coastal areas and archipelagos.

Now it´s up to You!  Decision is in your hands.

If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Warning for Fake – Poor Ignoble Imitation. Demand clear picture of how toilets  bowls are design in order to se the flushing flows. 

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