BB Innovation & Co AB invented and constructed completely new generation of extremely low flushing WC with urine sorting system.

A minimum of water is required. Ca. 80% of water can be save in comparison with an ordinary dual flush WC.

The inventor is Bibbi Söderberg from Dalarna – Sweden.

The new concept based on the principle of resource recovery and productbased on strategy to address the water, sewerage and nutrient management cycles for urbanized environments.

The waste sorting is accepted as an essential part of resource recovery andIs natural way to an ecologically sustainable society adjusted to the natural cycle. In the process of wastewater purification significant benefits can be accomplish by splitting the waste flows at source, in WC, within the building drainpipes systems.

The WC – DUBBLETTEN can be installed inbuildings with conventional plumbing and be completed with a separate pipe for urine and collected separately and stored in tanks.

A WC with unique patented design

The WC`s unique patented design is based on two, well separated bowls, one for faeces which has bulge that prevents, overflows of flushingwater contaminated by bacteria, and one separate – urine bowl only for urine. Through the two well-separated bowls and two flushing systems which are independent of each other, a minimum of water is required –approximately 80% of water saves in comparison with an ordinary twobottom.